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Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the reserved time for instruction. Based on availability. Advanced reservations require non-refundable payment in full. Please note that we only allow one-hour rentals. We do not make any exceptions to this policy.

All Rentals Are Rain Or Shine Unless Lightening Is Imminent. No Exchanging Passengers Back At The Dock, Once You Leave The Dock You're Out For The Entire Rental.

Important Info: Please Show Up 15 Minutes Early. Jet Skis depart promptly at booking time. If Jet Skis leave without you then you forfeit your money and your ride.

Renting a Jet Ski on Oneida Lake You can rent a jet ski at Oneida Lake Boat Rentals without a boater's license, however, you must operate the jet ski within New York State Law, which states the rented jet ski must remain within view of our tour staff at all times as you drive up the lake to ensure safe jet ski operation. The same rules apply even if you have your own boaters safety certificate.

Booking Details:

- Two Person Maximum Jet Ski Rental
- Life Jackets

- Fuel is not included in the rental price.
- Gratuity (optional)
- Must remain in riding area pursuant to NYS law
Our physical address is 812 State Route 49, Cleveland, NY 13042. For those using GPS or mobile apps (our customers using Apple Maps, in particular, tell us that it gave them incorrect directions), beware that many systems will lead you to an address about 15 minutes from our location. We are located between Cleveland and Jewel on the north shore of Oneida Lake. Our driveway is located BETWEEN DRIVE 17 and DRIVE 18.

- 2 Person Maximum/limit of 450 pounds combined weight
- No pets allowed
- No pulling watersports allowed
- Must be 21 years of age or older to rent and operate the equipment. A valid photo ID and a credit card are required at the time of check-in.

Additional Information
- Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time for paperwork and orientation. Failure to do so will decrease your rental time.
- Children under the age of 12 will need to keep the life vest on at all times. We will fit them prior to the rental.
- In order to rent and operate our equipment, you must be 21 years of age, with a valid drivers license, and a major credit card. A boating license is not required to operate the rental equipment.
- A security deposit is required at the time of check-in.
- Late Return Fee: $50 per each 10 minutes past the designated return time. - Additional passenger (other than the driver) are allowed for $10 per passenger.