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2-Seater Jet Ski Rental

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$ 120
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Enjoy a better, more comfortable ride on our Sea-Doo Spark jet skis that allow you to get on the water and share the adventure! As Sea-Doo says: "Memories are more fun the more they're shared." We know this to be true, that's why we are committed to providing your family the best ride that you can get on the water.

About Our Skis
→ 2 Seater Sea-Doos
→ Up to 2 passengers or 400lb can ride on 1 Jet Ski
→ 90 horse power 5 have IBR (intelligent break and reverse)
→ Storage bins
→ Lightweight and high strength
→ Wet grip footboards for stability on watercraft
→ iTC™ (Intelligent Throttle Control) System

Booking Details:

You will board at Port Aransas Municipal Boat Harbor at 301 J C Barr Blvd, Port Aransas, TX 78373.